A Place of Rage

Pratibha Parmar | USA | 1991 | 52'

‘Tell me something,’ June Jordan says in Parmar’s urgent film that documents the lives and politics of three African-American women, ‘what you think would happen if everytime they kill a black boy then we kill a cop / everytime they kill a black man we kill a cop / you think the accident rate would lower subsequently?’ This is America 1991 and Jordan, the poet, educator and activist is speaking, in ‘A Poem About My Rights,’ about police brutality, carceral racism and the abuse of power, and her words carry a piercing resonance in the current moment and movement. In the film Alice Walker and Angela Davis join Jordan in one of the most richest and cherished interviews between the three artists, in which a collective conversation becomes a joyous, Prince and Janet Jackson-soundtracked hymn to a Black queer feminist politics that prizes and arises from joy, love and collectivity.

"This lyrical film begins the much needed exploration of the African-American women who sustained and inspired the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. By shining an intimate light on some of our best known artists / activists Parmar eloquently reveals the power and poetry of the hidden faces. Her film is a visual embrace of who black women really are."

Jewelle Gomez