GFT continues to keep the link between cinema and audience through a series of conversations on Facebook Live under the heading Cinema Essentials.

Earlier this year, before lockdown, GFT was about to launch a new ongoing season called Cinema Essentials where GFT would have pick a genre, or a certain style of films, and present a series of films that GFT would regard as being essential in that category – either as ideal starting points to get into that genre, or just really excellent examples of it from the history of cinema.

Cinema Essentials will be launched in GFT later in 2020, but while cinema screens are still dark, this is a virtual way to get started on the idea in a conversational form – and to hear suggestions and contributions from audience, at the same time. The idea of Cinema Essentials is to kick off a conversation about the films from cinema past and present that GFT would love to see on its screens.