Cinetopia: Electric Muses

A women-led evening of surrealist film and creative, technologically enhanced live music. This unique event will tour three venues through July 2022, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Cinetopia present four surrealist films made by pioneering female filmmakers over the 20th century alongside the compositions of two contemporary Scotland-based composers, both of whom use technology heavily as part of their process and performances, Aurora Engine and Bell Lungs. The curatorial team will introduce audiences to the programme, and to the contributions these female surrealist filmmakers made to the movement and to the history of filmmaking. A Q&A will also follow between the audience and musicians about the work of the various filmmakers and the process of scoring music.

What's On

Electric Muses (with Q&A & Live Music)

Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne

Friday 8 July, 8 p.m.

Electric Muses (with Q&A & Live Music)

Old Royal High School, Edinburgh

Saturday 9 July, 8 p.m.

Electric Muses (with Q&A & Live Music)

Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow

Sunday 10 July, 7 p.m.