This is a hybrid event taking place both online and at Cube Microplex

Tina, Pam, and Scotty are taken down into Mom and Dad’s well-stocked bomb shelter when Kennedy is assassinated in 1963...and they never come out. Thirty years later, Mom and Dad are a long-dead 'bag of bones' and the now-grown kids have created a life for themselves based on remnants from the '60s, intermittent output from the TV and their wild imaginations. Shelf Life is Paul (Eating Raoul, Death Race 2000) Bartel's lost final film, now digitally restored and screening in the UK for the first time.

Attendees of the physical event will automatically receive access to the online event, which is available from 7pm 27 August until midnight 29 August, and a copy of Matchbox Cine's print publication.

This event features a cast Q&A, a curated supporting programme and all-new SDH Subtitles and Audio Description.