Belfast Film Festival / BFF Player

Tuesday 30 June

BFF Player revisits some BFF Short Competition winners from years gone by. Enjoy the serie for free on BFF Player until 30 June  

BFF Sofa Short is a compilation of some BFF Short Competition winners from previous years.

Even Gods by Phil Harrison, 2011, 18 min - Starring: Lalor Roddy, Paul Caddell, Laura Thompson

Short Film Competition Winner 2011

Wisecracking, large-hearted, Hughie has been living in a long-term homeless shelter in Belfast for 6 years. He is well-liked in the hostel, the life and soul. But when his daughter contacts him out of the blue and wants to see him for the first time in thirteen years the boundaries of Hughie’s solid life begin to blur and the wounds of the past come back into sharp, painful focus. And when Hughie meets his granddaughter, who he never knew existed, he finds himself circling the contours of a life he thought lost, buried forever.

Exhale by Mal Campbell, 2012, 16 min - Starring: Catherine Brennan, Danielle Magennis

Short Film Competition Winner 2012

EXHALE follows the story of Kate, a young woman driven to a life on the street by her addiction. As she survives another night on the street she contemplates the events that have led to this life.

Good Girls by Niamh McKeown, 2017, 10 min

Short Film Competition Winner 2018.

Bonnie, Pinkman’s finest student and head girl, takes us on a tour of her school as she tries to round up the school captains in time for the school photo.

Incoming Call by Eoin Cleland, 2016, 11 min - Starring: Naseen Morgan.

Short Film Competition Winner 2017.

Nervous Kerri is delighted when she starts being Skyped by her future self with life advice, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Introducing Brian by Nicholas Keogh, 2015, 14 min

Short Film Competition Winner 2016

In a Belfast alley we meet Brian, a storyteller and dreamer, as he takes us back to a perfect childhood Christmas, and the heady days of acid house in London.

Of Best Intentions by Brian Durnin, 2008, 14 min - Starring: Stuart Graham, Rita Davies, Fionna O’Shaughnessy

Short Film Competition Winner 2009

The story of inventor Thomas Midgley’s life reads like a cautionary tale for future generations. However, at the time of his death he was blissfully unaware of the future ramifications of his inventions. This film looks at the fickle nature of our existence and the footprint we leave behind when we’re gone. The film follows the story of five individuals who set out with noble intentions only to find themselves reeking havoc in the lives of others. The film uses Midgley’s story as a basis to examine the relationship between what we set out to do and where our actions lead us.

Rubai by Louise Ni Fhiannachta, 2013, 12 min

Short Film Competition Winner 2014

Chaos abounds in the classroom when Rúbaí claims she’s an atheist and refuses to make her Holy Communion.

The White Dress by Vanessa Gildea, 2006, 3 min - Starring: Rory Mullen, Gerry Shanahan, Rebecca Synnott

Short Film Competition Winner 2007

The white dress is the story of a little girl on her communion day but unlike other little girls she is making her communion all on her own.