Belfast Film Festival / BFF Player

Tuesday 30 June


Available to watch on BFF Player until 30 June.

The staircases of John Clancy's terraced house are filled with hundreds of unsold volumes like a Noah's Ark of knowledge telling the stories of a city that has known stormier times.

Accompanied by a dyslexic, opera-loving punk the Bookseller of Belfast treads a new path through the pages yellowed by time and cigarette smoke.

Awarding both the Main prize and the Audience Award at Florence Film Festival the jury had this to say, “It is rare to find a film that has so much tenderness, humour and ability to surprise. What a joy to walk into the magical world of it’s characters. And then Giacomo Puccini, Bambi, Whitney Houston, the Tsunami, ancient Rome, Detroit and an oversized mattress. Life and everything in it.”