Queer East Film Festival

Friday 17 July

Season: QE: Docs4Pride


QE: Docs4Pride from Queer East Film Festival launches on 3 July with four free-to-stream documentaries shining a light on queer activism in East and Southeast Asia.

Shangai Queer is available free-to-stream from 10 July to 17 July on Queer East's website.


This documentary shines a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ community in Shanghai, and their pursuit of freedom and equality. The film, directed by Chinese LGBTQ+ rights activist Xiangqi Chen, shares collective memories of the fifteen-year development of Shanghai’s queer community between 2003 and 2018, tracing the dramatic transformation of the city’s urban social landscape over the past few decades.

Through a series of oral interviews and tours around local queer spaces, the documentary offers a rare insight into the city’s grassroots queer activism, featuring perspectives from frontline activists, scholars, and artists, discussing their first-hand experience, strategies, and visions.