Queer East Film Festival

Friday 31 July

Season: QE: Docs4Pride

QE: Docs4Pride from Queer East Film Festival launches on 3 July with four free-to-stream documentaries shining a light on queer activism in East and Southeast Asia.

Of Love & Law is available to stream for free from 24 July to 31 July via Queer East's website.


Two openly gay lawyers, Fumi and Kazu, run Japan’s first LGBTQ+ law firm in Osaka, and have been in a relationship for 15 years. The couple has been fighting for civil liberties in the past decade, not only for themselves, but also on behalf of their clients, who include a teacher dismissed for refusing to sing the national anthem, and Rokudenashiko, an artist who challenged the country’s patriarchal system and obscenity laws with her vagina-shaped artworks.

Through the couple’s life and ground-breaking human rights work, the film offers a snapshot of Japan’s changing and diverse society.