Wales Youth Festival Network (WYFN)

Saturday 1 August 12:00

Season: Three Films Festival


Cardiff Animation Festival is featuring a unique selection of films with programmes of exciting animations for all ages from around the world, alongside workshops and filmmakers talks.

Join Three Films Festival and watch three animated shorts selected by Cardiff Animation Festival, on Saturday 1st August at 12:00.

GHOST HUNT, Dir. Valerie Kao, USA, 2019, 04min 40sec
Two kids venture into the woods in search of the infamous spirit known as "The Lady".

Children Talking, Dir. Oliver Wilson, UK, 2019, 04min 40sec
Inspired by the classic animated UPA films of the 1950's and 60's, as well as the PBS series 'Blank on Blank', 'Children Talking' takes archival interviews and visualizes the thoughts of children ranging from politics and religion to emotions and favourite foods.


Cwch Deilen, Dir. Efa Blosse-Mason, UK, 2020
An animated short film exploring the joy and fear experienced in the early days of a relationship.