Uranium Hex

Sandra Lahire | UK | 1987 | 11' | Certificate: TBC


Barras Art and Design

Sunday 19 June 18:30

Aya Films Presents: Dystopian Dreams

Sorry you missed it! This screening has already taken place.

This event centres on three elements of life which have seen renewed curiosity - Spiritualism, Nuclearism and Futurism. At a time where the dizzying effect of life is reaching tumultuous levels this event will bring together film, food, performance and critical thinking taking audiences on an immersive journey that considers our time and place. It will fuse together concepts of feminism, mythology, mysticism and ecology with place and genre in order to create an experiential event.

Uranium Hex deals with uranium mining in Canada focusing particularly on the work of female nuclear workers and the destruction of the environment. The film uses a kaleidoscopic array of experimental techniques such as superimposition, refilming, changes of speed, pace and an elaborate layering of sounds where 'atmos' recording mixes with voices and music. Made in collaboration with other LFMC filmmakers including Jean Matthee and Anna Thew, Uranium Hex addresses the relation between nature and culture as a way to question the power relations between man and woman. The radiation of the body is transferred to the radiation of the picture.; radioactivity is deployed as a radioactivity of the film image in itself.