Empire Records

Allan Moyle | USA | 1995 | 103' | Certificate: 12A

Maxwell Caulfield, Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler


Sunday 24 July 18:00

Storyhouse: My Forgotten Favourites

Sorry you missed it! This screening has already taken place.

This uniquely 90’s story observes one day in the lives of the teenage staff of the titular Empire Records that is faced with imminent closure – something that would soon be a reality for many such independent stores. When one staff member learns of the owners plans to sell to a chain, he takes a risk and gambles the previous days takings in a bid to save it himself. When this backfires, the next day is spent scrabbling to fix his mistake whilst managing a record signing by washed up 80’s star Rex Manning. The ensemble cast of 90s rising stars, including Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger, freewheel through the day, with the individual character storylines of coming-of-age romance weaving into the plot. The breezy 90s feel of the soundtrack, fashion, and setting, more nostalgic now that record stores like this one are near extinct, have created a loyal following.