Creature with the Atom Brain + Intro

Edward L. Cahn | USA | 1955 | 69' | Certificate: PG

S. John Launer, Angela Stevens, Richard Denning

Genesis Cinema: Bar Paragon

Wednesday 15 June 20:30

Token Homo Hosts Bar Trash

Sorry you missed it! This screening has already taken place.

Part of TOKEN HOMO HOSTS BAR TRASH - a new weekly event for all lovers of incredibly curious films & collectors of physical media from cult distributors like Arrow, 101, Indicator & Eureka - taking place at Genesis Cinema's Bar Paragon.

Creature With The Atom Brain is a chilling science-fiction thriller from 1955 directed by Edward L. Cahn (Invasion Of The Hell Creatures) and penned by legendary screenwriter Curt Siodmak (Bride Of The Gorilla). A detective investigates a series of murders orchestrated by a mob boss and an ex-Nazi scientist. Turns out the bad guys are reanimating dead thugs to do their dirty work using atomic radiation… Can anyone stop their nuclear-powered zombies?

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