YourScreen Summer of Hope: Summer Survivors

Sunday 19 September


Part of YourScreen's Film Feels Hopeful season, Summer of Hope.

Indre is an ambitious and emotionally cold psychology post-grad, keen to work alongside the unconventional head clinician of a mental health treatment centre. She’s more interested in data analysis than in rubbing shoulders with the patients, but is charged with driving two acutely suffering mental health patients across country (Lithuania).

This sensitive and beautifully filmed examination of the everyday burdens of living with bi-polar and depression is road movie as therapy, as, brought together in the confines of their car, hints of healing for all three gradually emerge. The human connections and fragile hope that blossom as their journey progresses is wonderfully articulated by outstanding performances and an unhistrionic tone. Amongst its five international awards, Summer Survivors won the Audience Award at the 2019 Festival del Cinema Europeo.

Available to rent here via YourScreen until Sunday 19 September.