YourScreen Summer of Hope: The Outside Story

Sunday 19 September


Part of YourScreen's Film Feels Hopeful season, Summer of Hope.

Brooklyn, the present. Charles, a video editor who compiles celebrity obituaries for TCM, is holed up in his brownstone apartment fighting to hit a deadline and smarting from a recent break-up with his cheating girlfriend. He hardly knows his neighbours – a situation that is about to change when he accidentally locks himself out and is stranded on the busy summertime street with no money, no shoes and very little juice in his mobile. What follows is a rambling and hugely enjoyable series of vignettes, as our innocent abroad is forced to interact with each of his neighbours in turn, as well as with an over-zealous traffic cop.

Wonderfully capturing the ambiance of its leafy Brooklyn neighbourhood, The Outside Story has something hopeful to say about the value of community, especially relevant in light of our experience battling a global pandemic. As we trail Charles on his day-long mini-odyssey, it’s hard not to warm to the film’s irrepressible optimism and upbeat humour. 

Available to rent here via YourScreen until Sunday 19 September.