YourScreen Summer of Hope: Those Who Remained

Sunday 19 September


Part of YourScreen's Film Feels Hopeful season, Summer of Hope.

1948, Budapest. Aldo is a 42-yr-old gynaecologist, a concentration camp survivor who lost his family in the war. He has returned to practice, but lives a reclusive life, nursing his trauma. 16-yr-old Klara rages at the world and is in fierce denial about the fate of her parents, convinced it is only a matter of time before they return. Crossing paths, the two lost souls, dissimilar in temperament and years apart, recognise something in each other, and both begin to feel hope again as a nurturing relationship emerges and Aldo becomes Klara's surrogate father. But now Stalinism has authority in Budapest – this and the opprobrium of small minds threatens their precious healing process.

A sensitive and understated drama which eloquently examines the plight of the survivor. The leads are superb - Abigél Szőke has drawn particular praise, and both actors have won ‘Best’ awards at leading film festivals. The Hungarian submission for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2020 Academy Awards.

Available to rent here via YourScreen until Sunday 19 September.